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Now it's possible to sail fast with just a friend or two as crew. After all, isn't this how we sail most of the time on a day's sail or when cruising? Rarely is the gang aboard to hold the boat down or fly a spinnaker. The measure of a good sailboat is how well it sails upwind and downwind with only 2-3 people aboard. 
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NEW 40' Offshore Speedster for 5 or fewer Crew


36 feet is a magic size in the J/Boats line-up.


J/97E is the first J in over two decades under 32’ to combine headroom and family cruising accommodations


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J/121E Tech Specs

Hull & Deck Construction End grained balsa composite construction using biaxial and unidirectional glass with...

J/121E Construction

Infusion Construction The J/112E hull, deck, main bulkhead and structural grid are built with resin infusion construction....

J/80 Instructional Videos

J/80 Instructional Videos Dimensions ft/lb m/kg LOA 26.30 8.00 LWL 22.00 6.71 Beam 8.30 2.51 Standard...

J/80 Sailing Videos

J/80 Sailing Videos The International J/80 is a fixed keel One-Design sportsboat certified for offshore sailing, normally...

J/109 Sailing Videos

Find out why hundreds of J/109 sailors simply "love" their boats. Perhaps one of the best racer/cruisers J/Boats ever built?...

J/70 Sailing Videos

Keelboat confidence. The J/70 introduces a new dimension of fun, fast sailing in a stable, easy to own boat. A natural...

J/125 Sailing Videos

J/125..."A Spectacular Sailing Machine" The 41 foot J/125 is as close to high performance big-boat sailing one can find in...

J/105 Sailing Videos

Over 800 J/105s are sailing worldwide.  This remarkable boat has sailed across the Pacific, the English Channel and raced...

J/24 World's Sailing Videos

J/24 has over 5,600+ boats sailing with over 50,000 people per year sailing them in every imaginable body of water on Earth...

J/24 Regatta Sailing Videos Around the World

J/24- for everyone, anytime, anywhere Age 12 to 80, no matter what your style: racing, daysailing or cruising. Her flared...

J/24 Sailing With Friends Videos

Why J/24? The Legacy & The Challenge After racing in the 20th Anniversary Midwinters, Jeff Johnstone looks back...

J/109 Regatta Videos

J/109 Easy To Sail The J/109 is a stable, easy to sail, proven performance boat. There is interior volume and amenities...

J/24 Sailing Instructional Videos

Dimensions ft/lb m/kg LOA 24.00 7.32 LWL 20.00 6.10 Beam 8.90 2.71 Standard Draft 4.00 1.22 Standard...

J/105 Regatta Video's

Sailing World's Largest 35' One-Design Class Over 800 J/105s are sailing worldwide. This remarkable boat has sailed across...

J/80 Regatta Videos

J/80 Regatta Videos  If you would like to expand your sailing horizons with a modern sportboat in open waters outside...

J/70 Instructional Videos

J/70 Instructional Videos

J/70 Boat Reviews

Features include: - Large comfortable cockpit with open transom. - Deck-stepped carbon mast with single spreaders. -...

J/22 Sailing Videos

Sailing made simple. People say the J/22 is the best sailing boat they've ever been on, including other J's. It's...

J/111 Sailing Videos

Designed for Offshore Performance Learn more about what makes the J/111 so special. A remarkable offshore speedster that...

J/111 Review Videos

Every now and then a new sailboat comes along that fulfills a real need in the market. Many of them have been J-Boats. Hot...

VITEL SAILING Tops J/80 Normandy Cup

VITEL SAILING Tops J/80 Normandy Cup WEDNESDAY, JUNE 15, 2016 (Le Havre, France)- With favorable winds and diversified...

GRIFFON KONG King of Italian J/24 Nationals

GRIFFON KONG King of Italian J/24 Nationals (Marina di Carrara, Italy)- Thirty-six teams were treated to great racing...

WetTech Rigging Cronulla J/24 Short Course Regatta

WetTech Rigging Cronulla J/24 Short Course Regatta (Cronulla, Australia)- As this is going to press, the competitors at...

J/105 Kids- Offshore Sailing Perspective

J/105 Kids- Offshore Sailing Perspective SUNDAY, JUNE 12, 2016 (Annapolis, MD)- Sailors are a superstitious bunch, and...


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